From fabric designer to delivery driver, everyone is working for our customers.

Our people have an immense pride in their work. It’s clear to see at every stage of the process. We are known for our quality, attention to detail and strong service ethos.

Altogether, the Belfield Group employs nearly 2,000 people. Many use skills that are traditional and centuries-old, but all have access to the best available technology. They work in clean, modern, efficient facilities and in an outward-looking, stable and successful business which is customer-focused to its very core.

Our managers combine years of experience with fresh ideas. They have created a culture that is open and dynamic, with a focus on action and delivery.

It starts with a sketch, it’s created on our CAD systems, and it is soon turned into comfortable, practical, stylish reality.

Our innovative processes and constant desire to improve have made us respected as an industry leader.